Ordering Marjorie's books

The easiest way to obtain these books is thorugh the publisher or directly from Ms. Barton. For reduced pricing and quantity discounts, contact Ms. Barton.

Leaning on a Legacy can be ordered directly from Marjorie by sending your check to Marjorie Barton, 2412 Boston, Muskogee, OK 74401.

The Other books by Marjorie can be ordered through:

Go to Amazon.com or 1-888-542-BOOK (2665).

Or Barnes and Noble.com

Marjorie's books are also available to libraries and book stores through the publisher CeShore, Imprint of SterlingHouse Publisher Inc., 7436 Washington Avenue Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15218.
Phone (412) 271-8800

Also distributed in the United Kingdom by the publisher.

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contact: Email Marjorie

Or call (918) 682-4366 or cell (918) 348-4335