Living Single in a Double World

Inspiration and answers are found in this book devoted to the many aspects, problems and joys of single life. Single parents can find ideas for coping with finances as well as how to dream and set new goals. New friends are often a necessity in single life, and Ms. Barton has suggestions for making new friends. A bibliography supplies additonal readfing recommendations.

Humor and good advice for all who are, who have been or who might soon be single can be found within the covers of this book. Ms. Barton shares 25 years of experience, well-researched facts and anecdotes from life in this readable and helpful book.

As no one is assured a lifetime exemption from single status it is Ms. Barton's hope for the future that everyone will learn to accept single status as a possible way of life, to prepare for it and to know there can be joys in living alone. As at least 100 million people in the United States are single at any given time, books such as this with ideas and inspiration are welcomed reading. Twenty-five million live alone.

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